Thursday, October 2, 2008

As your blog administrator, I have again had the pleasure of selecting an "ArtChix of the Month", Carol Kennedy. Carol, together with Ruth Malins, devised the concept of holding art shows in the art studios at Sun City Grand during busy weekends in the community. They, together with a few of us hearty and intrepid artists (all female) became known far and wide as the "ArtChix". Carol and Ruth have worked long and hard to make this a successful group and we so appreciate their efforts as we begin another season of ArtChix shows.

Carol Reed Kennedy

Carol Reed Kennedy, a resident of Sun City Grand, is a watercolor, experimental watermedia and collage artist who specializes in southwestern-style artwork.

Her watercolor artwork is based on pottery designs created in New Mexico and Arizona in the 1700s and 1800s.

Carol is a past president of the Sun City Grand Art Club, a member of the ArtChix group and Vanguard Artists. She founded the St. Louis Collage Art Group.

A former R.N. with a Master’s degree in Business, Carol has also taken many specialized courses in watercolor, experimental watermedia and collage techniques in the United States and Canada. She has taught collage in St. Louis, Missouri and at the SCG Art Club.

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