Friday, September 12, 2008

Ruth Malins - Featured Artist of the Month

As Blog Administrator, I am priviliged to select a Featured Artist from the ArtChix group. It is with pleasure that I choose Ruth Malins for this month's recognition. She is a Co-Founder of the ArtChix movement and a hard worker for our cause. Please read her story here:

I moved to Sun City Grand in January of 2005 and the first thing I did was join the Sun City Grand Art Club. I have served as the Club’s president for 3 years.

As a mainly representational painter, I try to depict in my work the people, places and things that give us all a sense of belonging, and feelings of peace, joy and hope. “What flows from the brush onto the canvas” is what I go with. For me, the process of creating something is equally as important as the end result. Making art is very therapeutic and I feel greatly blessed to have such an outlet. When I paint, it is as if I’ve entered into a meditative state”.

Some people say that each piece of art created is a self-portrait of the artist at the moment it is created. “My goal in painting is to “reconnect with my emotions” and have a body of work that I am proud of, and that people will enjoy. I believe I have accomplished that goal and am proud and honored to be a member of the SCG Art Club.”I am a member of the Vanguard Artist’s group and winner of a Blue Ribbon from the 2007 Peoria “Celebration of the Artists” Show.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall is around the corner!

Stay tuned for our new ArtChix sale schedule and more Featured Artist entries. This promises to be another exciting season of art shows as I have talked to many ArtChix who have spent this summer painting away in preparation for the beginning of the Fall shows. See you at the Art Club, ArtChix schedule to follow!